No one notices ” Generate PDF ” hidden inside of ” Send Attachments” !!

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Recently, My articles raise  about “IT:Information Technology” so many times.

However I don’t want to ignore today’s experience.
It’s hard for me to understand the chained jobs  that start with making PDF files by  iOS Excel Word, and end with  printing  those docs.

Custom reconciles me to everything?


This is the time,”IT” should play a leading role..

When I have submitted several important documents to the government office, the officer has pointed out my mistake in those documents,then has instructed me to remake those documents( How inflexible!!).
I’m worry if I go back to my house to correct and print them then return to here, It is obviously  to be out of service hours.
I do not want to use another annual leave for this kind of matter.

That’s it.  I’m going to correct them by Excel in my iPhone,then print them at Seven-Eleven shop. It’s wonderful for me to notice it.

Unfortunately, I have suffered from complicated jobs as follows.

As iPhone so small,My presbyopia have become tired bleary.

I’m a Lost Child in a Labyrinth.

Let me reproduce the jobs.

1st Step:  to correct Excel file then to make PDF file.

Let me realize what I have done.
Actually original Excel file has been in my Dropbox.

As 2nd action bellow, PDF file can be generated in “ Send attachments” ..Who can notice it?  Very very difficult to aware the word of “Send attachements” involving an action of PDF file generation “.


2016-06-02 16.39.08

1. make the file in Excel.

2016-06-02 16.39.28

2. Select “send file attachments.EH?Make a PDF?That why?It.Usually I think.


2016-06-02 16.39.33

3. it is because for some reason, in this PDF.


2016-06-02 16.39.48

4. Select “send a copy”. Choose the “save to Dropbox”.

……Up to this point, finally, I can get the PDF file.

As well as the previous IT article,PDF files as Products Deliverables are stored into Dropbox.

2nd Step:  to make the printer file for convenience store(Seven Eleven store).  

As 6th action bellow, the printer file can be generated in “ netprint for Seven-Eleven shop”, the netprint is selected from “ Open by other application”… “Open by other application”?? Why not from “ Others” ?  
Very very very difficult to aware that “ netprint “ is involved in “Open by other application”.


I suppose, bothersome operations dare to be applied to do error proofing for Careless information outflow caused by careless useless massive data printing ?

If I can get a certain  auto-linked program  from 1st action to 9th action,I can avoid impatient mind.


2016-06-02 16.42.01

5. open the Dropbox below, find the PDF file from the “latest”, choose “share with”.

2016-06-02 16.47.00

6. choose ‘open in another app’ is the correct answer.But I thought there would be “other” no wonder.


2016-06-02 16.43.12

7. choose copy on the netprint.

2016-06-02 16.44.02

8. uploading to netprint.


2016-06-02 16.44.28

9. you can file for printing at eleven.

Hu~~~h, It’s too complicated..

3rd Step:  Printing at convenience store(Seven Eleven).

I have been to Seven-Eleven store, to print the docs.
I have brought the docs to the government office ,  I have signed and sealed , then I have re-submitted the docs officially.

Happily ever after.
Although these my activities have shortened  time, Is there any other Simpler method?
In short, I want to have a shortcut from 1st action jumping to 9th action.

There may be other solutions,too.
…I’m tired.  I feel bothersome to look for it any more.


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